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Broadly speaking, it encompasses alleged manifestations believed to arise from a human being or animal, once living and now deceased. Ghosts of the Living From Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained 'Ghosts' which appear to be of living persons rather than the deceased.

Haunted Houses From Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained Domestic dwellings that are allegedly subject to hauntings; haunted houses are recorded in many cultures. Hauntings Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained Place-, person- or object-centered spontaneous paranormal phenomena — the word is popularly understood to relate to cases where the events are said to be caused by discarnate, supernatural entities.

Recurrent Apparitions From Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained Ghosts that are seen or experienced on a series of different occasions. The Sixth Sense Movies in American History: An Encyclopedia The Sixth Sense, by its title alone, gives rise to an expectation in viewers that they are going to watch a film about the supernatural. While it fulfills this expectation admirably, this film is much more than a simple ghost story. Spiritualism grew from the seeds of such occult attempts at re-enchanting spiritual activity.

Within twelve years of the advent of Spiritualism the first photograph claimed to depict a spirit was produced in New Jersey. Stone Tape Theory From Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained A theory that suggests that recurrent hauntings are a form of recording on the material environment analogous to video or audio tapes.

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During the festival, the living invite their dead to join with the family and to share a meal and time together before they return to the land of the dead. Dracula: Topic Page The most famous vampire in literature, created by the Irish writer Bram Stoker in his novel of the same name. Usually, the corporeal undead are without souls or human sensibilities.

Humans fear these undead because of their physical existence, which means they can touch and therefore physically harm the living. Night of the Living Dead From Encyclopedia of the Sixties: A Decade of Culture and Counterculture George Romero's low-budget, black-and-white film Night of the Living Dead was not well received by critics upon first release in but became a cult film and eventually won respect for its effective use of horror elements in an allegorical film that critiques many aspects of American society.

It is also credited as the first modern zombie movie, portraying hordes of zombies attacking living people without making reference to voodoo or witchcraft. Beginning in the mid-nineteenth century, the modern spiritualist movement introduced a wide range of writing practices designed to enable communication with the dead.

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Vampires: Topic Page In contemporary popular culture, vampires are fictitious immortal creatures of the night who sustain themselves by drinking the blood of the living. These undead creatures might be the unsettled souls of criminals or suicide victims. They may have been victims of other vampires, as those who are attacked by vampires are fated to become vampires themselves. He's a very modern face of history. His ability for first class story-telling and books that read as thrillingly as a detective story makes John Guy a Chandleresque writer of the history world. Guy hunts down facts with John Guy is recognised as one of Britain's most exciting and scholarly historians, bringing the past to life with the written word and on the broadcast media with accomplished ease.

Guy hunts down facts with forensic skill, he doesn't just recite historical moments as they stand; he brings names and faces to life in all their human achievements and weaknesses. He looks for the killer clues so we can see how history unfolded.

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Like a detective on the trail of a crime, he teases out what makes his subjects tick. With his intimate knowledge of the archives, his speciality is uncovering completely fresh lines of enquiry. He's never content to repeat what we already know but rather, he goes that extra step to solve history's riddles. He takes you on a journey to the heart of the matter. Forget notions of musty academics, when Guy takes hold of history the case he states is always utterly compelling.

Whether it's Thomas More or Mary Queen of Scots, Guy makes these people so real you suddenly realize you are hearing them speak to you. You enter into their world. You feel you can almost reach out and touch them. Born in Australia in , John Guy grew up in England and by the age of 16 he knew he wanted to be a historian. In he made an accomplished debut as a presenter for the television programme Timewatch, on the life of Thomas More. Today he's turning history books on their head as he wins universal praise and the Whitbread Prize for biography for his thrilling account of the life of Mary Queen of Scots.

Wolsey's Lost Palace of Hampton Court was a short-listed finalist for the Channel 4 television awards. His broadcast and journalism experience builds upon his impeccable CV as an academic and author. He has published 16 books and numerous academic articles. John Guy lives in North London. He is a Fellow of Clare College, University of Cambridge, where he teaches part-time so he can devote more time to his writing and broadcasting career.

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